Secret of Grilled Barbecued Chicken Easy Peasy

Few things are simple or tasty as a simple flame-grilled chicken, seasoned and finished with barbecue sauce. Start by heating the grill, whether gas or charcoal. You will want a low to medium heat fire.

You can start with a quality whole chicken, then simply joint it using a heavy chefs knife. Start by cutting the chicken in half by cutting through the breast bone. Next, flatten the chicken out and seperate by cutting the two halves at the back bone. Cut off the legs, thighs, and wings at the joints.

With the chicken in pieces season liberally with your favorite barbecue spice rub, or salt and fresh ground pepper. On a charcoal grill, place most of the charcoal in a mound the center, with the charcoal spreading lower toward the sides. On a gas grill, place one side on low, the other on medium. Place the chicken around the outer side (cooler) part on the charcoal grill with thicker cuts like thighs and breasts toward the hotter center, and on the low-heat side of the gas grill. Cover and grill slowly 30 to 40 minutes, turning regularly.

To finish: The last few minutes of cooking,  apply barbecue sauce to the chicken with a basting brush. On a gas grill turn up the heat to high  to carmelize the sauce and finish the skin crispy, about three to five minutes. On a charcoal grill, leave the lid off the grill, allowing the fire to feed on the extra oxygen and move chicken over the hottest coals,ensuring the proper heat and char.

The key to grilling all chicken successfully, is to do it slowly until nearly ready, and only then finish it over higher heat to char and carmelize. Served with your favorite potato and veg, this a delicious, healthy and affordable meal that is hard to beat!

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