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What do you know differences between Barbecuing and Grilling?

The main thing to remember is that grilling is done hot and fast, directly over the heat and/or flames. Examples of items best grilled are burgers, steaks, and sausages. (Although they are grilled differently, well cover that in another post.) Barbecuing is done low and slow, over indirect heat for long periods of time, usually three to twelve hours, depending on the item being cooked. Typical items that are barbecued are pork shoulder, beef brisket, ribs,  half-chickens, as well as larger sausages. The meat cooks slowly with charcoal, rendering the fat, and creating smoke which gives the meats a very distictive, smoky flavor. Local hardwoods (apple, hickory,oak,maple, mesquite) are added sparingly to glowing charcoal as seasoning, and vary depending on what is indigenous to the area. It is common to use a dry-rub on the exterior of the meat, which over hours creats a nice crust or bark which is coveted by barbecue enthusiasts.

Some barbecue grills are best for grilling…

BBQ Cooking Secret: Baby back vs. spare ribs& two ways to cook them

Ribs are one of my favorite things to eat. However, they really must be cooked properly, or they are a waste of time and money. I never buy the neon red wet-marinated and cut-up ribs I see in many supermarkets. I assume they are trying to replicate those Chinese spare ribs, that are on most take-away menus throughout the country. Those are belly ribs that are actually deep-fried. Now I like alot of things deep-fried, but ribs are not one of them.

I think it is best to purchase  ribs fresh, (not cured or pre-marinated) in a full rack, or sheet as they are sometimes called. There should be ten to twelve ribs in a rack of back ribs. In the case of belly ribs, I like to remove and cook seperately the sturnum, cartilage and rib tips effectively making a rectangular St.Louis Cut that looks similar to a rack of back ribs. (If you google St. Louis Ribs there any number of videos that demonstrate this procedure.) This results in a much better presentation, and also makes them eas…

Secret of Grilled Barbecued Chicken Easy Peasy

Few things are simple or tasty as a simple flame-grilled chicken, seasoned and finished with barbecue sauce. Start by heating the grill, whether gas or charcoal. You will want a low to medium heat fire.

You can start with a quality whole chicken, then simply joint it using a heavy chefs knife. Start by cutting the chicken in half by cutting through the breast bone. Next, flatten the chicken out and seperate by cutting the two halves at the back bone. Cut off the legs, thighs, and wings at the joints.

With the chicken in pieces season liberally with your favorite barbecue spice rub, or salt and fresh ground pepper. On a charcoal grill, place most of the charcoal in a mound the center, with the charcoal spreading lower toward the sides. On a gas grill, place one side on low, the other on medium. Place the chicken around the outer side (cooler) part on the charcoal grill with thicker cuts like thighs and breasts toward the hotter center, and on the low-heat side of the gas…

Outdoor grillinggas or charcoal?

Im often asked about my opinion in the great charcoal vs. gas grill debate. I do  own both style grills and use them both frequently. Which I use, and for what, depends on several factors, including what Im cooking, who Im cooking for, and how much time I have.

I will begin by stating that, in my opinion, food generally tastes better being grilled over charcoal than it does gas. Even after a gas grill becomes properly seasoned, it can never replicate the delectable flavor that comes from the smoke produced from fat dripping on hot coals.
That being said, the next question is often do I use briquettes or lumpwood charcoal? I personally have a preference for natural lumpwood charcoal, as it is free of coal dust, binders, and other impurities often found in charcoal briquettes. Cooking with lumpwood charcoal, however, takes getting used to, because it burns much hotter and faster than briquettes, it is at times described as  briquettes on steroids.

As a result of lumpwood …

Vegetarian Barbecue Idea

Some might call vegetarian barbecue an oxymoron, but truly there are lots of great vegetarian options when it comes to grilling. Grilled vegetables and fruit make great side dishes, and many veggie dishes can be a satisfying main dish.  They are also quick and easy to prepare. In general, vegetables should be cut to expose the maximum surface area to the grill, which in addition to adding maximum flavor, helps them cook quickly and thorougly. The following are five basic vegetable grilling principles:

1.) Build a medium-hot fire. Most vegetables respond better to moderate heat than a blazing fire. To test the temperature of your grill, hold your hand five inches above the grill grate. You should be able to hold your hand there for three or four seconds.

2) Make the (right) cut. Preparing vegetables for the grill is all about maximizing their surface area to increase the flavorful browning and sear marks, and prevent them from falling apart or slipping through the grill g…